Sweetie Plum

From: Kotelniki, Russian Federation, 20yo
Sweetie Plum

Height: 163 cm • Weight: 46 kg

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This chick will always catch you off guard with her imaginative tricks. Man, trust me - you would be surprised by the sheer number of ways a hottie can make you cum. To Sweetie, the list goes ad infinitum. She does not scruple when it comes to satisfying her horny buddies. Of course not - after all, why the hell would she? Life is too brief of a moment to hesitate, my horny lad. And this chick read way too much Nietzsche to waver with going all out. Her motto is “Spare no means”. What does she mean by that? Let me drop here the quote by the great Friedrich Nietzsche himself - I believe it should clarify everything - “Live your life as if you were to repeat every single one of your decisions over and over again (...) Thus, find what gives you the highest feeling and then spare no means - eternity is at stake”. Needless to say, inspired by such stuff, our charming Sweetie Plum lives her days as if there was no tomorrow. That’s why whenever she’s doing the sucking, you can expect the utmost insatiability and ardent desire. No idea how about you but to me that seems to be the only right approach to enjoying oneself in this world.

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Sorry to let you down, my horny little goblins, but the answer is - hell no. Even if you tried, your primal instincts would inevitably hinder the entire process. There is no escaping from this fact - Sweetie Plum is your destiny. As soon as you undo your zipper and let the show commence, you will be enthralled by what is happening on the screen. In other words - your inner beast will take over, leaving this boring corporate rat behind. Tonight, neither the future nor the past exists. Nope. Sweetie Plum will bring you to the present, irrevocably. Ever seen these movies where the protagonist drinks some mysterious potion which sharpens all his senses, allowing him to see in the darkness, smell the faintest fragrances lingering in the air and so on? That is precisely what is gonna happen to you (or, rather - to your little soldier down there) once Sweetie Plum shares her dirty secrets with your lewd shaft. Worry not, my friend - even when this show is over, you won’t go back to the daily routine of yours unchanged. This cute will alter your spirit once and for all. How? Let me explain.

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