Alyssa Reece

From: Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, 34yo
Alyssa Reece

Height: 163 cm • Weight: 52 kg

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Changing? Oh, boy. That is an obvious understatement - this gorge will turn it upside down, without any mercy. Sorry to say that, but now it is high time you said “adiós” to your daily routine. Ennui belongs to the old days. The new ones, though, are gonna be filled with the exhilarating debauchery. Why? Thanks to a simple thank - because of all people, our Alyssa Reece knows how to handle throbbing shafts. The legend says she knows all its secrets. How? By delving into the art of fellatio in the ancient temples in India. Did you know that Hindus are one of the very few cultures where banging is not taboo? Needless to say, our Alyssa Reece availed herself of this fact. As soon as she stepped down from the plain and felt the exotic air flowing through her lungs, she realised something - there is more to sex than it seems on the surface. Luckily, Alyssa decided to share everything she has learnt so far with us today, on Heavy on Hotties. What exactly did this Serbian chick learn in India? What are her goals in life? What are her innermost ambitions? Get ready, as we are gonna have a hell of a ride together!

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Lust. To make a long story short - lust. In its purest form. The story of Alyssa Reece is not a tale filled with heroic deeds and extraordinary achievements. We are not in the Lord of The Rings lore, my horny little goblins. It is not epic. We are in porn. It is dirty. It is primal. And that is precisely what we all love it for, don’t we? Hence, going back to the story - this chick was just fucking horny. And no one around could satiate her hunger. She tried guys from Tinder, all her male neighbours, colleagues from work, etc. But it was never enough. Her pussy was itching for something huge and bulky inside it. And, guess what? Heavy on Hotties was precisely the thing she was looking for all along. Sure, slender guys are cool - but only for the covers of fashion magazines. When it comes to banging hotties, though… They are not enough, to say the least. After all, what use can you make of your stunning looks when your willy is of a pencil size? Por favor, we must be serious.

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Your house of cards is about to fall, my boy. I know how much effort you put into creating it. Each day, card by card, everything with the utmost attention to detail. Yet, you should have foreseen it before - cards are just cards. No matter how minutely you put them, the smallest breeze of fresh air will make it collapse anyway. Okay, okay - but what the hell all of these have to do with the price of tea in China, huh? As you are about to find out - quite a lot. The cards were a mere metaphor. Of what? Of your life. Career, friends, mortgage and so on and so forth. Not to mention your self esteem and feeble ego… For your information - everything I have mentioned so far is precarious. Yes, my boy. Precarious. Nonetheless… If you wish to find something solid… A firm cornerstone on which you will lay the foundations of your life anew… Then you must opt for Alyssa Reece. There is no other way around it. Curious? Here comes more

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Help? Yes, precisely. They were created to aid you, guys. We all know how miserable it seems to live in society nowadays. Continuous, interminable conflicts. Chaos. Turmoil. Endless rivalry. Please, tell me - but in full honesty - aren’t you already worn out by all of it, huh? Personally, I am exhausted. That is why I have spent countless hours searching for the antidote. Something, that could save me from the reality around… Something, that could make me happy without hurting my soul simultaneously. And then I came across Alyssa Reece… There are no detrimental side effects when you give this hottie a shot, trust me. Pure happiness - that is what her adroit hands bring to the table. Every man lucky enough to get a handjob from this dirty angel realises one thing for certain - males deserve such treatment on a daily basis. It seems as if that was the ultimate purpose of human experience - to immerse yourself in the carnal delights, leaving all the stress and anxiety behind. So, wanna try?

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Most gurus of time management say the very same thing - time multiplies whatever you feed it. Doesn’t matter whether your lazy ego likes it or not - those are facts, and it’s better to learn how to deal with them. You are making choices, my boy. Each minute. Every single second you are creating “the footprints in the sands of time” as Victor Frankl famously said. Does it overwhelm you? Worry not - as long as Alyssa Reece is nearby, you are safe. Given that time is a limited resource and we rely solely on ourselves when it comes to the approach we have towards it, we ought to choose wisely. And I don’t know what about you but as far as I am concerned banging Alyssa Reece is the wisest choice there is. Can one think of anything more beneficial not only to your body, but also to the soul and mind? It is out of the question. So come here, on Heavy on Hotties - and let Alyssa Reece nourish your spirit.

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