From: Prague, Czech Republic, 19yo

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My dear fellows, may I be brutally honest with you? The thing is that Mother Nature wired us in such a way that we can’t possibly say no when a cutie like Caroline begs us to suck our willies. Nah, it is not an option. Even if you are married or something like that - the marriage becomes instantly irrelevant in the face of such an opportunity. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why that is the case - the inner beast inside us seeks immediate gratification. Unless it gets it, you are gonna have an ongoing war inside your spirit. That doesn’t sound like an appealing scenario, right? Well - because it is not. You must discard the thought of fighting with your primal instincts as soon as it crosses your mind. Only thus will you insure the peace inside your soul. Once it is done (that said, you follow our wise advice), a new leaf in your life will be turned. The thing is, though, that the only person out there capable of turning it with real dexterity is Caroline. She has been preparing herself for that job all along. Now, it is time for the final test. As someone famously said, “We all have deep inside ourselves a set of matches. The thing is that we can’t ignite all of them alone - one needs another person to do so”. Needless to say, you have found the right person. What now?

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On the contrary, as far as I am concerned, it is one of the silliest things one can do. We are living in a world devoid of pleasure. Our culture extolls workaholics and people obsessed with productivity. Avoiding primal desires seems to become a noble deed. Can’t you see what a total absurd it is? We, human beings, are apt to receive carnal gratifications as soon as possible. Hence, do not allow this prevailing insanity to penetrate your spirit as well, okay? Not when our Caroline is on duty. Her job is simple - to take your existence to the next level. You will be enthralled by the show she’s prepared on Heavy on Hotties, trust me. As soon as it starts, you will have no other choice but to get immersed in it, leaving all the pointless suffering behind. So, cowboy - ready for a major upheaval in your daily routine? I hope you are!

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