Karla Pirata

From: Bogota, Colombia, 23yo
Karla Pirata

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It would be like fighting an uphill battle with Napoleon Bonaparte himself. In other words - you would fail inexorably. Hence, why bother in the first place, huh? To show yourself something? To prove how strong the force of your volition is? Those are silly games, my lad. Thoughts created by your feeble ego, which is, after all, nothing else but the past put together into the thing we call “identity.” Can’t you already see the problem here? Past, something that belongs to history tries to understand the presence. The ever-evolving and thriving life. Nah, that’s not gonna happen. And, please, believe me - of all people, Karla Pirata will show your throbbing piece of meat the nature of reality in the most effective way. How? I will leave it for you to discover on your own. Spoiling the fun with spilling out the juicy details would be… inadequate, to put it delicately.

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