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Our minds are our prisons, my horny little goblins. I know, I know. It might sound pretty harsh considering how much time it took us to build this structure we call identity – or ego. Yet, please, tell me - but in full honesty - how much energy maintaining this fictitious structure takes you on a daily basis, huh? With all its insecurities, worries, anxiety… What Shainez is going to offer you instead is pretty distinctive, to put it delicately. Together with this gorge, you are gonna totally obliterate the thing. How? Well, that’s an easy one. Looking at the flawless body of our lovely Shainez will take all your attention, whereas your willy… the entire energy of your body will flow to it, not leaving anything for the thoughts. Wanna learn what it feels like?

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Buddha said that desire is responsible for suffering. Now, let me ask you something - what is desire? Isn’t it just another thought? One looks at something precious, creates a mental image out of that sensation, and then says, “I wish I had it.” It makes you feel as if you were lacking in some way, thus making you dependent on something exterior to achieve inward fulfillment. Tearing your independence apart. Shainez will nip it in the bud. How? By making you indulge in her flawless silhouette before you even have time to think, “I wish I…” Immersing you in the sexual oblivion seems to be the only reliable way to bring your inner peace back. Just give her a few minutes. Your spirit will be on cloud nine in no time, believe me. After all, I am speaking from the firsthand experience.

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Please, don’t run away from it. Instead, embrace your fate, face it. Without judging the situation, without wishing to be somewhere else. Nah. Be here and now, totally present. Then, real miracles will start to take place. As humans, our main problem is a constant escape from what is. Our minds allow us to create fictitious scenarios which are ultimately responsible for our inner misery. With Shainez, though, it will be changed. Drastically. This dirty angel won’t allow you to chase rainbows in her company. Nah. From now on, you will have only one mission - satisfying this exotic goddess. No more excuses, no more deffering carnal delights for later. When Shainez is in charge, such stuff is totally forbidden. Just close your eyes for a few seconds and let her work her wonders. You will be stunned by her adroit tongue.

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