From: Prague, Czech Republic, 19yo

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Well, not only one. To be entirely honest, the further down the line you go, the more of them you encounter. Yes, yes - as the old saying goes - the deeper, the better. Here, obviously, it applies perfectly as well. The more one gets to this lecherous spirit, the funnier one’s life becomes. Trust me, I have done it myself. Before I met Leony, I was an average dude - mediocre job, boring friends, no hobbies. And now? Oh, por favor. She breathed life into my withered soul. Did she taint it with lust? Hell yeah. Do I regret it? In no way. Communing with such a dissolute person naturally leads you to realize more about your own nature. And trust me - it deviates a lot from what capitalistic society is trying to tell you on a daily basis.

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Of all people, this girl is an expert when it comes to extracting the latent talents from miserable souls. Doesn’t matter what you believe, how you look, and what you do - her watchful eyes will pierce all those illusions, getting in touch with your real self. The “Higher Self,” as Nietzsche would no doubt call it. Once Leony makes this acquaintance, forget about any ennui in your existence. Boredom will belong to the past. The same goes for anxiety, vexation or any other kind of worrying. Today, my horny friend, you are gonna enter the paradise on earth - and this lustful brunette is gonna be your guide. Excited? I bet you are. Thus, undo this damn zipper and let your beast see the light at last. It is high time you unleashed it.

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Why? I strongly believe that if every single person on this planet watched it, our society would be healed at last. Wait, wait a second. Healed? Is it sick? What do I mean by that? Well… here is the simple question that will no doubt make you understand my point - of all the people you have met so far, how many have a broad smile on their faces? How many of them dance in the middle of a street? How many shout “Viva la vida!” while going to work? Sadly, I bet the answer is “none”. Here is the problem - we are disconnected from the fact that this miraculous phenomenon called life is flowing through our veins, making our hearts beat. Being totally oblivious to it, we work, watch series, and scroll social media. Needless to say, Leony is gonna rescue your soul from this hell. How? Stick around.

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In order to save you, we must first taint your soul a little bit. There is no going around this fact. To break this devious cycle, something drastic must happen. A groundbreaking event. Can you guess what I am going to tell you? Obviously, it has been foreshadowed in the previous paragraphs. To make a long story short - you must click the play “button” on Leony’s clips and then… let her work her wonders. You will be surprised by how quickly she can turn your life upside down, trust me. A few seconds of watching her singular art of fellatio and the chemistry inside your body will be altered. There will be no more room for “I need to make more money” sort of thoughts. Nah. The only thing your mind will be occupied with is the pussy of Leony. That is your only salvation.

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