Cathy Crown

From: Brusells, Belgium, 28yo
Cathy Crown

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After all, my horny little goblins, we are talking here about the facts, no mere beliefs or anything of that sort. Heavy on Hotties is interested solely in action. Theory? Abstraction? Nah, they are not for us. Our kittens would be bored stiff with them. Especially when they have such a lecherous spirit as Cathy Crown. This babe is spectacular when it comes to sucking dudes off, believe me. I wouldn’t be taken aback if she could do it during the sleep. Just imagine finding yourself in a bed with Cathy Crown glued to your willy, her eyes closed, giving you a sloppy fellatio in the middle of the night. Sounds cool? Well, that would be only a foretaste of what she is capable of. The more one bangs her, the more secrets get revealed. Curious? Stick around - I won’t spare you the juicy details.

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I am certainly not one of them, that is for sure. Like most of you out there, my lecherous fellows, I am allured by the delightful aura of Cathy Crown. Not to mention her flawless body… Just take a look at her titties, boys. What are they if not perfection in its purest form, huh? To me, they are a truly formidable turn-on. My willy can’t resist fantasizing what it would feel like to have her sensual lips wrapped around him, sucking the last drops of the sticky ambrosia from my balls. I bet you can relate, fellas. Wanna a piece of advice? Don’t be abashed by how dirty your thoughts are. Give them a free rein. Only then will you experience absolute sexual oblivion.

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Obviously, I don’t need the financial one. It will be only an addition to your spiritual empire. First, thought, let’s lay the fundaments, shall we? Imagine building a castle without making sure you have firm foundations. Seems pretty crazy, right? Unfortunately, my horny little goblins that is precisely what our lovely society endorses. They want us to get rid of dirty thoughts with girls like Cathy Crown and instead concentrate entirely on making money around the clock. Even when one makes enough of it, the question arises - what next? And what the hell was it even for? To boast in front of the people we don’t even like? Live in a house which is too big? Doing things on a daily basis that we hate? A few seconds tete a tete with Cathy Crown will show your piece of equipment what is the real purpose of human existence. I guarantee - it has nothing to do with making boatloads of cash. Not at all.

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Following pictures created by your mind is total nonsense, my dear friend. Don’t fall into that trap, please. When your piece of meat is desperate for carnal delights, don’t say, “I shall be pure.” Purity doesn’t exist - it is only a concept meticulously conjured by society and then implanted in your mind without you even noticing it. Your actuality is being a dirty boy with dirty thoughts - why would you like to change that, huh? Because other people tell you to do so? Fuck them. Deviate from the well-trodden path. Do what your soul loves the most - indulging in sex clips Cathy Crown. So? Still waiting for something?

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