From: Budapest, Hungary, 22yo

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Although living in capitalism has certain advantages, no doubt - especially when you are a citizen of developed countries - you must admit something. From time to time, it is tedious. To say the least. As teens, it seems that life is an exhilarating adventure and that countless opportunities await us. Then you go to your first job… and another one… and another one… and you begin to understand how naive you were in the first place. It is unbearable. Unless… you come across such a bombshell as our Chrissy. When your shaft finds itself one-on-one with her, life seems to have a purpose anew. Before, you felt as if something had been amiss all along - and no wonder, since that’s the truth. Yet, when you finally give this sex demon a shot… oh, boy. Some experiences cannot be put into words. Krishnamurti famously said, “Description is not the describe; thus, let’s not talk about it” - and that is precisely my approach here. To understand the sublime, you must experience it. Whether you heed my advice or not doesn’t matter - the only thing that matters is that…

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How can I accentuate it even more? The thing is that when one discovers this lecherous kitten, one starts to feel alive again. Some philosophers noticed that most folks out there are in the interminable state of waiting for something to happen or end. We are not present, fellas - instead, our attention is pointed out elsewhere. Everywhere but not to here and now. And it’s not that surprising given the fact we are deeply submerged in the capitalistic mud. Oscar Wilde is known for saying, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Thus, instead of concentrating on the odor and complaining all day long, take a look at the boobies of this dirty angel and… relish the life flowing through your veins! Particularly in the veins of your willy - a few seconds will suffice to fill it with enough stamina to smash the Great Wall of China once it shoots. Thus, you better get ready for what’s about to come - our Chrissy won’t let down your expectations, that is for sure.

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I bet it is not a mere vision for you, isn’t it? In the end, that is precisely the way you have been living your life for the most part. Here is my question, though - why wouldn’t we put an end to this poignant existence? I mean, immediately - after all, are you still waiting for anything? Waiting to “start a living” at last? Nah, honey - life is happening now, whether your mind likes it or not. Stop escaping - you are only wasting your energy and precious time - what’s more, entirely unnecessarily. I infer it is happening due to the constant distress, isn’t it? Your only wish is to forget about the reality around you for a moment. Thus, you keep getting away from it - video games, mediocre series - there is a plethora of options. Nevertheless… What if I told you that I have a solution, huh? What about involving in your daily routine a little bit of Chrissy porn scenes, huh? Once it is done, they will become your new purpose worth striving for. Spare no means - and remember to enjoy yourself throughout the journey!

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