Angelina Wild

From: Budapest, Hungary, 23yo
Angelina Wild

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Sorry, boys - we are not gonna do any research here to confirm this thesis. Nah, we are too lazy for that. Instead, why don’t we spare our energy for later, huh? You are gonna need a lot of it if your willy is to withstand this encounter. What do I mean by that? Well… Banging Angelina Wild is considered by many more demanding than the HIT workout. Once this dirty fallen angel is done with you, the sweat will cover your entire body - from top to bottom. One place down there will be especially worn out… You know what I am talking about? I bet you can guess already, given the ferocious reaction of your little soldier. The sleek silhouette of this gorge blended with her ravenous appetite for cocks creates a perfect blend for all aficionados of sucking. Thus, if your dick has been suffering from unedifying BJs so far, worry not - Angelina Wild came to Heavy on Hotties to change it.

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The next few days will witness a true proliferation of sex clips in your daily routine. Ennui? Forget about it - it belongs to the past already. When Angelina Wild is in charge, there is no time to think whether your life sucks or not. Nope. You will be way too busy receiving carnal delights from this gorge to ponder such nonsense. To tell you the truth, Angelina Wild is known among her colleagues as one of the most prominent figures in the adult entertainment industry. Why? Just take a look at her whenever she is going down on you. What we are talking about is this flame of passion flaring in her eyes. This cutie is hungry - and the only thing in this world that could possibly avert her from going wild is… yes, that is right - the sticky ambrosia coming from your cock. Without it… truly horrendous things would happen. Thus, you better let her devour the very last drop of it and if she still craves more… just surrender and let her work her wonder. Your sacrifice will pay off, trust my words.

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If all your colleagues are obsessed with making money and getting promotions, then you must become a dissident. There is no other way for you if happiness is the goal of yours. And that is what I have inferred so far. How? Because you have found this cutie, our lovely Angelina Wild. If this stunning brunette is not a definition of felicity, then I don’t have the slightest clue what is. Thus, deviate from the rest. Avoid the well-trodden paths. Yes, I realise it might be painful at the very beginning. You might even consider me a nefarious person for saying such stuff. But as our old friend Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “No is too high to pay for being yourself”. Yes, boys - our species is wired to stick to the group. It is deep inside our minds. However… If others hinder your carnal delights in any way, then you must separate yourself from them. Immediately. Allow Angelina Wild to become your companion, instead. There is no hitch when it comes to that. Just pure enhancement of your day to day life. Sounds fetching? Come, boy. Accept the hand that Angelina is lending you and vamos!

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If you don’t feet your inner beast, it will starve. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the logic behind it, does it? Needless to say, our Angelina Wild is a chick who is an expert when it comes to “feeding” these monsters. Please, don’t fall into the traps of your brain. That “you can handle it alone” or “it’s best to ignore it and it will pass eventually”. No, my boy, no. If your piece of equipment is craving assistance, Angelina Wild should be the very first person you think of. This horny sex demon always comes with rescue to her lecherous friends. She doesn’t stuff her mind with excuses. There are no “Well, I don’t feel like doing it” or, quoting Bruno Mars “Today I feel like not doing anything”. Nope. Such patterns of thought are devious, to say the least. And worth reproaching. For this very reason, Angelina Wild evades them at all costs. Instead, she cuts to the chase and takes the action. After all, that is what life consists of, doesn’t it? One won’t change the world or society by thinking. Action is what shapes it.

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Hell yeah, they deserve it more than anything else. If your brain is toying with you by saying to desist watching the vids with this gorge and not pandering to your primal desires, then you should know one thing - fuck it. Really. Don’t listen to it, as it’s full of crap. One should understand something about human existence - everything is relative. If your mind is trying to persuade you that pleasure is bad and you should join all these "cool" monks who are spending their entire days sitting in the Himalayas and doing nothing (not to mention banging hotties), then - notice it. Notice it is just thought. It is not some undeniable truth. Everything can be undermined. Thus, instead of powering any side of the inner conflict inside your soul, spare the essential energy for what truly matters - the sexy boobies of Angelina Wild. As soon as you find yourself with this lecherous kitten one on one, thoughts will disappear into thin air instantly. The stunning body of Angelina is like an antidote to this venomous poison. So, wanna get healed? It's not magic. It's lust - pure and simple.

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