Eva Berger

From: Moscow, Russian Federation, 25yo
Eva Berger

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Yeah, that is right. The end is here, fellows. No one demands that you spend countless hours meditating in the Himalayas or closing yourself in the monastery. And, first of all - for us, chastity of any sort is out of the question. We use different methods to reach enlightenment. The real one, of course. Debauchery, in its purest form, is the only reliable way to arrive at the destination. Why? Only when your mind is occupied with fantasizing about our stunning Eva Berger does the thinking process - in other words, the culprit to your suffering - cease altogether, leaving your spirit with nothing but carnal delights, unscathed by worry, vexation, or anger. Then, there is no one to think about it and analyze the process since all the energy is centered on the cock. Sounds like a nice way to spend the evening? Go for it, amigo!

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My dear friends, I will make no bones about it - when a gorge of this caliber is willing to suck you dry, there is no way you can possibly sulk in your room thinking about the past or some nonsense like that. At those moments, you are totally connected with the reality around you without creating some entity that could observe it or make silly comments. Nah, of course not. Eva Berger will be more than happy to show you that the destiny of human beings lies in banging, not in processing everything intellectually. Her motto is - instead of thinking about your life, live it! Seems quite sensible, right? Who knows - maybe this hottie is a bit of a philosopher, huh? Let her show you orally something that escaped all those dudes from the XIX century talking about the meaning of life. Let her show you the life itself. Do we have a deal?

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Don’t be shy, my dear friends - we aren’t here to curb ourselves from reaching out for what we really desire. On the contrary - Heavy on Hotties’ mission is to make men from all around the world finally realize how much they need chicks such as Eva Berger in their daily routine. In the end, what is left without them, huh? Working? Paying taxes? Boy, how exciting. One time, I came across the words, “One dies at the age of 20 but is buried at the age of 70.” Don’t let it happen to you, chicos. Life is too precious of a gift to waste it in such a foolish way.

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I am totally serious, my friends. Like 100%. There is no shadow of a doubt that once your piece of equipment encounters Eva Berger in his way, the suffering will stop. There will be no room for it at all. After all, where? When? Your entire body will be too busy having fun with Eva Berger. As far as I am concerned, that is the only right thing to do as a human being. Don’t feed yourself with endless excuses, okay? Don’t say “I agree” or “I disagree.” Instead, see the truth of it, discover the veracity of this statement, and… follow the voice of your heart at last! Reason? Leave it for another life. Intuition - that is a key to happiness. Real happiness.

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