Akira May

From: Budapest, Hungary, 22yo
Akira May

Height: 172 cm • Weight: 52 kg

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Ha! If not everyone… Make no mistake, fellas - those guys out there who claim they aren’t turned on by the flawless silhouette of Akira May are lying. What for? To make themselves seem stronger than you are. How? By suppressing their primal urges and so on. They extoll this quality of mind, claiming it superior to everything else. You know what I think about it? They are silly, to say the least. Closed inside their own minds, ensnared by it deeply. Nah, please - don’t be like them. It will lead your body to very, very dark places. Self-torture, that’s what we call it. Thus, instead of fighting with yourself ad infinitum - why the hell wouldn’t you make use of all that energy and avail yourself of Akira May’s presence on Heavy on Hotties, huh? We both realize it is a reasonable plan. Even if your mind denies it… you feel it in the gut. Listen to it. Follow it. And behold, as the paradise opens in front of your throbbing willy!

Most of us bark up the wrong tree. Your search is over. The ultimate porn is here - inside Akira May nude clips.

Please, be honest - is there anything hotter out there than banging a young, innocent hottie? I don’t think so - and neither do you. Nor your willy, of course. We all seem to concur with that statement, don’t we? Why is that? Because our instincts tell us so. For healthy, straight men, it is utterly impossible to deny Akira May’s charms. Nah, forget about it. The sooner this idea disappears from your head, the better for you and mankind in general. Why? Here it is. Ever heard Gandhi’s “You must be the change you want to see in the world”? I bet you did. That is precisely the reason why, while altering society, we must start with ourselves. Pity is stirring inside you? Envy? Anger? All of those are the outcomes of thought. Or, to put it more accurately - the result of absence is the mind fighting with itself. However, as soon as Akira May appears in the room, all of those will be gone. Trust me. Her pheromones were destined to obliterate thoughts. And trigger lust… in its purest form.

Have I just caught you red-handed, jerking your little soldier off to Akira May’s porn?

Tranquilo, fellows, tranquilo. By no means is it a crime. On the contrary - as far as I am concerned, it is the finest activity one can possibly engage in. By communing with such spectacular beauty, your tainted (with capitalism) soul is getting purified. And, at the end of the day… behold! It will be pristine, without a single stain on it. How does it sound, my lustful cowboys, huh? Not too bad, I guess. Well, then - put the dull side of you aside and let flourish the second, kinkier one. Although for most of your life you were advised to extoll the former and condemn the latter, on Heavy on Hotties, we will do the exact opposite. There is no time to lose, trust me. We all have already wasted more than enough of it, making money, competing with others, being envious, and so on and so forth. This inner hell ends now. No, not tomorrow. Not in 10 days. Now. Undo your zipper and pay attention to the details as Akira May takes care of your desperate little soldier.

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