Betty Bell

From: Bucharest, Romania, 18yo
Betty Bell

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It should be quite unambiguous that, on Heavy on Hotties, we are into going all out. In the end, why the hell not, huh? As far as I am concerned, all of us have only one life - so why not take advantage of this marvellous opportunity and have fun? Especially since it is so simple nowadays - the only thing one needs is a mobile phone and access to the internet. As soon as all the conditions are checked… voila! You are in paradise - the Heavy on Hotties one. Here, Betty Bell is about to tain your soul with the sin of debauchery. Your appetite for her pussy will be insatiable, trust me. No wonder - after all, every single male on planet Earth was created this way. Why not embrace your primal side right now, showing this kitten where she really belongs to? I am serious, bros. Go and spare no means! As Nietzsche would say - eternity is at stake!

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Why is that? The reason is pretty simple - as soon as one comes across them, one’s life is turned upside down totally, creating total chaos. A major existential upheaval - that’s what we call it. Sure, most folks are more than glad to keep the status quo intact, protecting it at all costs. My question, though, is - what the hell for? Are you really that comfortable with suffering? Apparently, the vast majority are. They are totally unaware of their bondage, being oblivious to the fact that life can be utterly beautiful. Capitalism led them to believe that being a human being is nothing more than making money and waiting for retirement. Needless to say, that is thoroughly absurd. Let Betty Bell show you tonight why money does not compare to pussy. I guarantee that after a few minutes with this lewd kitten, one on one your outlook on reality will never be the same.

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