Samantha Rone released on: Nov 6, 2017 duration: 59:39
Ah, Samantha Rone a genuine New Yorker who didn't mind a bit of rough with this lucky French chubster! I loved squishing this petite blonde as I fucked her and listened to her moans. I was glad I'd been a bit rough as at the end she thought it was funny to try and get some of my jizz up my nose... A bit nuts but great titties and lots of energy!
Rating: 96%



She is a real cutie. Too bad she never goes anal.

by b0r3dst1ff on Jun 10, 2021 13:43:12


Dude does the worse doggy. It's not even doggy. It's some kind of weird form of it. Just stick to regular positions.

by A2DPSQWFcDJp on May 23, 2020 04:11:24


Loved this she took the licking and spitting so well, need more like her! x

by tornven2003 on Jul 18, 2019 16:45:18


thanks @RealXXCEL for the crazy fuck with the beautiful @samantharone1 the best performer in the world…..Can you give him another chance ???

by micietto on Nov 6, 2018 22:36:29

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