Sophia Traxler released on: Feb 3, 2017 duration: 45:53
Sexy redhead Sophie is just 18 years old and has a super hot figure, tiny waist, long legs and big titties just begging for my face to be buried in them! This hottie looks great and bangs like the eager teen that she is!
Rating: 96%



Super,.... Wow,... more like this please!

by ProfessorFUNdaddy on Dec 2, 2021 10:27:06


A beautiful girl i agree with some comments. She has self harm iss issues, her left arm wrist Ive seen on a other girl in this site, I don't think she was briefed, brutal business pornography . A very vulnerable individual, I think Cel told her spit, but language barrier! The industry will destroy her, I fucking hate remarks on almost on every fucking video go for the butt, some girls do not want to be fucked up the ass,

by Pete633 on Nov 11, 2021 18:47:31


Beautiful woman. Should have fucked her ass!

by b0r3dst1ff on Aug 3, 2021 16:45:51


Again, sad that you didn't eat her pussy and ass.

by Asslicious on Apr 5, 2021 12:52:18


@scar91 Wow, you're really fucked up in your head...

by s1ckfreak on Feb 3, 2020 18:59:19


I want to watch full movie..but full movie is not giving.

by Nikkykhan on Sep 23, 2019 09:54:11


i am quite concerned tbh. she tells - obviously honest - that she doesnt really like porn and i bet if she had more options she would never have done it. she still tries to keep a nice happy face and "enjoys" it. but you can see at her teeth that she doesnt even has the money for a dentist or she uses drugs or some shit. lost soul. and you take advantage of it. totally. that maybe makes you even hornier like i saw how you tried to humiliate and demand her to do certain things. but that wasn't really necessary. i know you are more the rougher guy, but you can also respect some girls, and she needed all respect. all. if its true and she is/ was just 18 you had to treat her even more respectful and kind. and even she looks gorgeous i would have talked to her if she really want to shoot this scene. do you know why she entered porn? or don't you guys care unless money flows and you can fuck? i am curious. also: if she retired from porn just of scenes like you and legalporn did .... that would be totally bullshit and really hope she didnt do anything like that. I am truelly irritated why she swallowed a bit of your cum. you can see she doesnt want it, but she is already so submissive that she instantly sallowed a bit... poor and naive soul. should have just spitted everything out. reminds me of torbe who also demands randomly cute young girls to swallow his cum... girls don't have to do this for god sake. if they don't want to! and the provocation with the cocksucking to take it deeper was too much too! don't take so much advantage of girls like her. it makes you look weaker and like you have a really poor character who doesn't care about dignity, empathie etc. sometimes there is a bit. but by far not enough! shame on you about how you treated her... and she still smiles i wonder if she cries after all this in her bed. or just think of the money. she even lost boobsize you can see that she has some at least mental issues like a depression or something. otherwise she would have her old thicc boobs and her eyes would shine more and she would not be that submissive doll.... fucking society

by scar91 on Sep 16, 2019 05:10:40


hm.. didn't she got bigger boobs before? she looks great but the tits were fuller and bigger in my opinion. and where are the pics?

by scar91 on Sep 16, 2019 03:36:22

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