Gina Devine released on: Jan 27, 2016 duration: 39:27
Ahhhh Gina Devine, what a hot and horny porno goddess! This babe loves to fuck and isn't afraid to let the world know! This petite and smoking hot brunette babe couldn't wait to get going on our hardcore session, with her fantastic body and love for French sausage this was certainly as 5 Star Fuck.
Rating: 90%



Too skinny ... but her face is beautiful, and her labia are delicious. Go anal on this one!!

by b0r3dst1ff on May 28, 2021 16:40:26


One of the all time best porn scenes ever. Thanks for enjoying Gina. This is how it’s done. Now you need to get Dido Angel also.

by LvbN87SFtEkAmkQV on Feb 9, 2021 18:37:13

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