Madison McQueen released on: Sep 9, 2021 duration: 42:53

Madison McQueen is a hot Russian hottie with plenty of energy who showed me a seriously good time! This sexy blonde looks great deepthroating my cock and I loved having her ride me reverse while I sat on the couch - she loved it as much as I did from the sound of things... This was an awesome fuck session and I rewarded this blonde goddess with a hot, sticky cum explosion!

Rating: 94%



Very pretty woman. Needed anal, though.

by b0r3dst1ff on Aug 8, 2021 21:18:20


La meuf dont on rêve tout les jours!!!!

by YVIDES74 on Apr 28, 2021 05:20:43


I love when you do the spitting exchange, and tongue sucking. You should do that will all the women, and maybe have a video similar to 'Czech Harem' where you have like ten girls all at once, maybe make it two hours long!

by LqwuJaKVAeyk on Jul 1, 2020 11:28:46

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