Maxi Slut   Deeper Throat
Screams of Joy   Bite it off
Liz Rainbow
"My Puffy Girlfriend"
I am a puffy nipples addict. It's the greatest thing on the planet. Rare and delicious.
First time I saw Liz online, I fapped about a million times to her puffies. I just HAD to have her. Brought her to Paris, and I became addicted. Nicest person in the world, who becomes the sluttiest woman on the planet once the camera is rolling.
Pure love.
  Biting my Balls   Russian 69
Zombie Bitch   Big Bravo !
Lilu 4U
"Piece of Borsch"
My buddy John, the greatest sex coach of all time, told me that he had been "preparing" a new russian slut to send out to conquer the world of porn. Out comes Lilu4U as the newest savvy fuckmaster.
She can do it all, and survived my French gauntlet. She's tiny, but clearly tougher than me ! Roughest scene I've done in a while... all with a smile ! 2 thumbs up.
  Totally Nuts   Belgian Ass
POV Maniac   Intense Fucking
Bella Queen
"Lady Di's Bitch"
Another nation bringing their best talents to the table.
We don't get a lot of pornstars from Belgium, but this one is going to be hard to beat ! Bella is a total sex-psycho. 6 feet tall, thick as fuck, puffy nipples and cock-hungry. A short career, but it will stay alive in our hearts forever and ever. Total intense, bare bones hardcore porn !
  A mouthfull   Filling her Pussy
Best BJ Smile   Glazed Superstar
Anna Rose
"Model in Disguise"
When Anna Rose showed up on my doorstep to get fucked by my little peepee, I was floored. Pure charisma, best smile in a million years. This model isn't in it for quick dough, she's in it because she loves it. She was so pretty and precious that I was afraid to break her. Here is me acting like a softie in this scene. :)  
  A true babe   She's a pro
Pure pleasure   Fap Guaranteed
Alessandra Jane
"Tiny Hottie"
Alessandra is typically the type of girl who is pocket-sized, but could still make and break a man. A huge dose of charisma held in a tiny packaging. She can do it all porn-wise and tastes just like candy. I would lick her whole body all day and night. So cute, so hot, so cock-stiffening. I love her.
This is Must-See porn !
  Angel Face   Smells Like Ass
Energy Bar   Nostril Sex
Eva Berger
"Oink Oink"
If you like true sluts, you will love this one! Something must've happened in Eva’s life, because there is no way a sane person would agree to be degraded like that.You can spit on her, slap her face, bite her ass off, and she'll complain that you didn’t do it harder! In the end I fucked her ass & pussy like a loving boyfriend would do.  
  Making Out   Fat Pussy Licking
Boobs are Flying !   Creamy Facial
Anna Beck
"Venus or Leah ?"
We could feel Anna craved cock, but always said no to porn because of her boyfriend. She dumped the jerk, lost some weight, changed her hairstyle and flew into porn like a champion ! The doughy BBW swings her udders all over the place & I try to find my way tunneling via the flaps of fat. If you like boobs, it doesn’t get much bigger than Anna !  
  Spanish Omelette   Hungry Puffies
POV Fuck   Eyeballing
Amarna Miller
"Numero Uno !"
Amarna is protective of her image and her porn career. Doesn’t want to do any mistake in her rise to porn glory! She’s very intelligent, super positive and has charismatic magnetism. We met, we smiled, we fucked, we smiled again. Fabulous puffy nipples, fantastic pink pussy and isn’t afraid to say what she likes or not. A potential wife!  
  Love that Pussy   What an Ass !
Armpit Fetish   Anal Pounding
Amel Annoga
"Submissive Frenchie"
I met Amel last year at a porn convention in Paris. I thought she was cute, and that crazy snake tatoo got me hard. The coolest cat in French Porn, and the sluttiest I’ve met in a while. I have no idea where this girl was before, but she loves her life and loves to offer her firm body to every hard dick available. She’s a star, and it’s well deserved.  
  Baby vomit   Teenage fapping
Punishment   Anal defloration
Cherry Doll
"Babyface Assassin"
Cherry Looks like a baby but fucks like a cum starved ho. She took the Eurostar to travel from London to Paris just to be porked by a fat frenchie. I was pissed that I had to take the disgusting Paris subway to get her, but in the end I got my revenge. I treated her like shit, and she loved it. Submissive cunt who likes to be abused. Shocking & beautiful.  
  Kiss Kiss   Fuck Fuck
TitJob TitJob   And a Facial !!
Arianna Sinn
"Chubby Checkers"

I was keeping that one secret for a while... I leaked a couple pics here and there of my pecker fucking the holy pussy of Arianna, but never released the full scene! Well it's up today. Her last scene ever, and she chose ME to "love" her one last time on cam ! The biggest boobs ever on the cutest hottie there is.
I fucked a cloud and I liked it! <3

  Licking her tanned body   Ass before pounding
Hands-Free fapping!   Slurp, slurp!
Angel Rivas
"ANAL-ysing a Pornstar"

Another day, another Star! This Russian Legend is only 21 years old and already in the pantheon of Porn. It's gonn be tough & long to find a prettier model than Angel Rivas in the adult bizness. I tried my best, but was overwhelmed by this experienced cumbucket. At least I can say: "I fucked Angel Rivas up the ass!" :)

  Dining at the Y   Work of Art
Best View EVER   Rowdy Rod
"Waste of Time"

This scene was shot over 2 years ago, and it’s one of «Ashley Stillar»’s first sex video ever. The day before, she worked with Rocco and had her infamous «bad experience». She was wrecked ! I could barely touch her pussy without her crying. She was rethinking her life choices and made it unpleasant for both of us. But you wanted it, you got it !

  Tasty   Fucking Hell
Man on a Mission   Spitting Image
Mea Melone
"Slutty & Sluttier"

When you're a 5 star Hottie like Mea Melone, and that you fuck like a nympho, you're bound to create a buzz in the porn community! Mea is #1 Euro-pussy to pound these days, A true sex fury that is impossible to tame. I did my best, but she's hard to catch-up to. All the aspiring sluts of the world may now look up to the new queen of kink!

  There's only one!   Smells Fishy
Cunt Poundin'   Swallow it All
Daisy Hot
"Slut in Training"

I got to meet up with Daisy Hot, and my mind was warped instantly. Once in a while you get to a girl in this business, and you wonder if she’s not a cyborg or something. Too pretty. Too cool. Too sexy. Too fun,... and too much of a sex-craved slut! Daisy is real! Guaranteed! MVP of the year! An elusive submissive Hungarian goddess!!

  L'amour toujours   Pussy Pounding
Finger Anal !   Semen on Freckles
Faye Reagan
"Dreams Come True"

I’m not gonna lie, the reason I started this website was to maybe one day get to cross path with Faye, since the moment I saw her in one of her fuck scenes, I fell in love. So when I tell you that I was a little starstruck, I’m not lying. Turns out she’s awesome, and what was to be a 1h shoot, turned into a day long fuck fest. Call me Mr. Reagan!



  YAY, she's legal !   What a smile !
Insatiable lust !   Screams of joy !
Gina Devine
"Five Star Fuck"

The greatest surprise of 2012 for me is Gina Devine! I hadn’t planned on fucking this little minx, but I had an opportunity and seized it! A true über-slut who isn’t in this business by mistake. She loves what she is, which is a 90 pound fucktoy! Pure happiness on both sides in this epic porn scene. I really want to see her again and again!




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